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„Israeli mosaics"
pictures of exhibition

”Paved little streets, an atmosphere and colours of the Middle East, an unusual technique. This could give a short description of the unique mosaic pictures on display in Budapest for a week from Saturday on. The exhibition ’Israeli Mosaics’, collected from the works of artist Gabriella Ölvedi, will be held in commemoration of Jom Ha’acamut, the Israeli Independence Day, in the organisation of the Oneg Sabbat Klub located in Bethlen tér, Budapest.

The event will be opened on 13th April, 19.30 p.m. by historian Zsuzsa Toronyi with a performance of opera singer Balázs Fellegi and actor Emil Keres. All are welcome. The biblical landscapes spending peace will be on display at 1 Szinva utca, VIIth district, Budapest, until 19th April. The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday, between 16.00 p.m. and 20.00 p.m. ”

(A passage from a newspaper article on my first exhibition, which was held in April, 2002)

Although I studied painting, a few years ago mosaics fascinated me as a form of expression. My pictures are created only by hand made technique, I do not use computer aid even for planning. I love to visualize feelings of my heart but I also work on individual orders with pleasure.

Mosaics are suitable for the special ornamentation of interior and exterior flooring and facades.










































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